Right now i'm working on the tracks for the split with Dump. It seems that the other two splits planned ( withWild Boar and Svafnir ) shall not see the (un)light until 2007. On the other hand Khand/Dump will be released in december and it will contain two songs of semi-improvised PURE dark ambient, for the first time made with Cubase SX and not with Fruity Loops ( this signifies that the songs are played for real and not just written on the sequencer.. ) since the split with Draug. These are the names of my two tracks for the split:

The first interview concerning Khand was done by Elskrin Webzine. You can read it at the link below ( only in italian ): In the interview you can read some news about my planned releases, the first of them being the split album with Wild Boar, in which there will be a very long new track called "Deathless". This is the most ambicious and mighty work of myself so take a look when it will be released!

Some cd-r copies of the demo were made in the last days, so if you want one copy just ask! I'm also working on new stuff for a planned split with Svafnir, stay in tune!

A new era begins, because today "Across Long Sunlight Seas" is finally released and ready to download ( you will find it in the "Lays" section ) after many months of work. I would like to thank Luca Lenti ( also webmaster of these pages ) who helped me a lot since the birth of Khand ( but especially in the last times ) and who mixed all the songs for the demo and also recorded the guitar part on "Morthond". Luca confirmed me that since now he will be the permanent session guitar player for Khand, so expect more and more guitar parts on the future releases. By the way I have already some planned releases for the future, but for the moment I will try to promote "Across Long Sunlight Seas" in the Italian underground with reviews and maybe interviews, and everything will be listed here, so if interested stay in tune!

This is the tracklist of the new demo, 'Across Long Sunlight Seas', after its release I will add a small description for every track ( along with the lyrics, obviously ):
1. Doom Approaches
2. Across Long Sunlight Seas
3. Celegorm and Curufin
4. The Taste of Victory
5. Haudh-en-Elleth
6. Morthond*

I remember you that for the moment the demo will be released only in the mp3 format, but maybe in future I will make a cd or tape version of it.
(*) This is a cover of Summoning's classic song of 1996 ( Minas Morgul ).

The release of 'Old Days' is cancelled for the moment as i have started to work with Fruity Loops Studio instead of CubaseSx, so the songs 'Éalá Éarendel Engla Beorhtast' and 'Why the Man in the Moon came down too Soon' ( re-named 'The Tale of Eärendil' ) are 'frozen', but not abandoned. The new work will be called 'Across Long Sunlight Seas' and it will contain five ( or six ) brand new tracks of epic and melancholic black/ambient. Soon the full tracklist will be up on these pages.

Finally the english version of the bio is up. You will find it in the 'Guide to my Realm' section.

The new demo will be titled 'Old Days'.
It will be the first part of a trilogy of 2-song demos.
1.Why the Man in the Moon Came Down too Soon
2.Éalá Éarendel Engla Beorhtast

The new demo will be out at the end of January. It will contain also a new re-mastered version of 'Éalá Éarendel Engla Beorhtast' and will be fully available for download at these pages.

I'm actually working on new stuff. A demo will be released somewhen in 2006.

Draug/Khand - Éalá Éarendel Engla Beorhtast Split Demotape is released. Check the discography section.